Exponential Opportunities

At UNC Charlotte, opportunity is at the heart of our history.

Returning veterans in the first classes of the Charlotte Center of the University of North Carolina experienced life-changing opportunity through higher education, powered by the GI Bill of Rights.

Generations of students who followed fulfilled the vision of our founder, Bonnie Cone, who advanced like no other the value of access to opportunity for every deserving student.

Today, we celebrate our past as we invite you to play an important part in our future. Join us in Exponential: The Campaign for UNC Charlotte. Your gift, of any amount, will help ensure that our students overcome unmet financial needs in their pursuit of their UNC Charlotte educations, or that those with special talents are rewarded with scholarships that help move dreams to reality.

Visit our giving page to see the range of opportunities for your gift. Two wonderful options include the Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band itself, and the Gold Rush Grant program, that helps students in need within their final two semesters to cross the finish line to their degrees.


Chancellor Philip L. Dubois

Hear Chancellor Phil Dubois describe UNC Charlotte’s special mission to serve so many first-generation college students and students with unmet financial need.

Gene Johnson

Niner Alumnus Gene Johnson, ’73, shares the power of giving back to help today’s 49ers.

Madelyn Colby

Drum Major Madelyn Colby describes another dimension of opportunity that you can help support: The Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band and the ways it has added to the UNC Charlotte experience.